Welcome to Mothers Against Murderers Association (MAMA)
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MAMA was founded by Angela Williams, in memory of her nephew, Torrey Donnell Manuel, who lost his life due to a senseless act of violence. His death is indeed an unspeakable tragedy. In addition to that, she also lost thirteen additional family members to gun violence in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Our mission is to assist parents or guardians of murder victims. We also are dedicated to providing quality programs for youth that will turn them away from violent acts.
We collected ................. our tears and turn them into stories. Join in our healing circle the first and third Thursday of every month.

Fifty Women, Fifty Causes, One Voice

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Ari'el Rises
When fifty women and girls from around the world come together under one book cover with stories of trials, tribulation, and triumph, something incredible happens! Ari'el Rising is not your average compilation book. It is an empowerment masterpiece! In Hebrew the word Ari'el means "lion of God" and the women in this book are the personification of the lioness---beautiful, courageous, fierce, and powerful! From the nine year old three time author to the world renowned journalist, the teen entrepreneur to the African Diplomat, the "beauty queen" to the Disney star, the sisterhood of Ari'el Rising is growing and making a global impact. Two theme songs help define the book and movement. "Ari'els Rising" is a beautiful piece written by cancer survivor Milliea Taylor McKinney and produced by Conscious Music Entertainment. "We Got The Power To Change The World" was co-written by Grammy recognized singer/songwriter/producer Skyler Jett, the much sought-after producer Sylvester Burks, and vocalist Shana Morrison

When Ari'el Rises...
Women have been impacting the world since its inception. In the biblical account of the Garden of Eden, the serpent's trickery caused the first couple to be evicted from paradise due to defiance and disobedience. Eve's ability to influence her husband Adam to go against God's direct order concerning the eating of the forbidden fruit was powerful and effective. If one woman was able to change the course of human history through one act of disobedience, imagine what can be done when thousands, perhaps millions, unite and rise up for the good of humanity. In Hebrew Ari'el means lion/lioness of God. Lions roar to warn intruders, call out for lost cubs, or when sensing danger. The world groans in pain and our children are troubled. It is time for the lioness in each of us to stand and declare that "enough is enough!" The answer and solution to every problem in the world has already been provided through our God-given talents and works. The songwriter can write a song of healing, the educator can reach that lost student, the preacher can speak words of life, and the activist can fight on behalf of the weak. Regardless of your area of expertise, you are an Ari'el, a lioness on the prowl, reaching out to the global community. The 21st century empowered woman is unlike any other....she's talented, kind, caring, determined, beautiful, and she ROARS!!!

Juvenile Life Without Parole
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TALLAHASSEE — The Florida State University College of Law Public Interest Law Center (PILC) has received the American College of Trial Lawyers’ 2013 Emil Gumpert Award. The award recognizes programs whose principal purpose is to maintain and improve the administration of justice. The $50,000 grant-funded prize associated with the award will support PILC’s Children in Prison Project (CIPP), which advocates for children in the adult prison system. The grant will directly fund the CIPP’s new Miller Resentencing Project, which follows on the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court Miller decision that mandatory sentences of life without the possibility of parole in homicide cases are unconstitutional for juvenile offenders. The new project represents defendants in resentencing cases, recruits pro bono attorneys and trains law students to advocate on behalf of children who, under Miller, have the hope of reduction of sentence and release. There are approximately 200 juveniles in Florida who have the right to be resentenced and who could benefit from legal representation through the Miller Resentencing Project.

“We started the Children in Prison Project in 1997 in response to the wave of Florida children being swept into the adult criminal system, where they have been subjected to such extreme sentences as mandatory life without parole,” said Glass Professor of Public Interest Law Paolo Annino, who directs the Children in Prison Project. “The funding from the Emil Gumpert Award will be critical to our efforts to get justice for children who have been condemned to die in prison.”

U.S. Supreme Court decisions in the area of juvenile sentencing have repeatedly cited studies by Annino and others at Florida State’s Public Interest Law Center.

Angela Williams with Law Professor Paolo Annino